LOVE ME. The Phantom meets Pat Boone in a church parking lot.

Another chapter from "Get Behind Me Satan And Push", my unfinished, unpublishable book. 6 LOVE ME (wherein Pat Boone tries to redeem himself for his version of “tutti Frutti”, then accidentally bankrolls the birth of psychobilly) It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Hollywood, California in the year 1959. Charles Eugene “Pat” Boone, an internationally... Continue Reading →


Nervous Norvus and his solid mess of contusions (also; stork-lookin’ bats and total winos)!

The following is yet another chapter from my unfinished, unpublished, and perhaps unpublishable book , “Get Behind Me Satan and Push”.   5 TRansfusion (Nervous Norvus and his solid mess of contusions. Also: Stork-lookin‘ Bats AND total winos) In 1954, traveling businessman Richard Wayman stopped his car to photograph an auto accident on the highway... Continue Reading →

The Purple People Eater Vs. The Blob!

Here's another chapter from my unpublished, unfinished book, "Get Behind Me Satan and Push". 3 ThePurple People Eater Vs. The Blob (OTHER UFO RELATED WEIRDNESS) On October 30th, 1938, the Columbia Broadcasting System’s popular “Mercury Theatre On The Air” radio program aired a special Halloween episode called “War Of The Worlds“, based on an HG... Continue Reading →

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